simple thought2

You may not have heard that recently… maybe in quite a while

So let me proclaim it from the mountaintop


That is a fact

The universe did not make a mistake… in form, content or timing

I am sure you haven’t heard that very often, certainly not often enough

We, in the spirituality and personal development world, are just as guilty of focusing on what needs to be improved, developed, progressed

Like there was something wrong with you that needed fixing

There isn’t… and you don’t

We can’t control conditions

But just because something happens to you is no reflection on your character

It is just a happening, with a million causes

Life may beat you up, but it didn’t beat you down

You are still filled with hope, aspiration, kindness, love, honesty, compassion, wonder…

A long list of the highest virtues too numerable to list

So congratulate yourself

You have endured all the ups and downs of life and not lost your soul

You truly qualify for the name human being

And the adjective wonderful