Thanks for Purchasing The Tao of Allowing

And thank you for coming here to get the extras that I promised you.

These will assist in your ongoing growth in the magic of allowing.

Body Awareness Exercise

Simply being present with the sensation of having a body is the starting point for allowing.

Remember it is allowing that is the antidote for all the pressure and stress that is resistance.

Intentional Triggering Exercise

Don’t be put off by the bomb.

Remember I said that the resistance is dormant until it is triggered. And it cannot be truly released until that triggering has been felt and allowed.

That is exactly what you will do in this exercie.

The one man that has and continues to help me on my spiritual path and understanding of “my meaning” in this life is GP Walsh! His teaching of Inner Reconciliation have truly changed my personal, business and athletic life! Thank you GP!

Dr. Klara Gubacs

Author, Athlete, Teacher