Welcome to Tapfirmations

Positive, Life Affirming Meridian Tapping

With Affirmations, Mantras, Brain Entrainment for both Waking and Sleep

Meridian Tapping, like many Energy Healing Techniques, tends to focus on deep emotional healing. There is an accent on releasing traumas, negative, self-limiting beliefs, and other inner conditions that we humans are heir to.

GP is a master of healing all of those, very human, ailments. But in the course of the decades where he has been engaged in this work he has noticed that many people only get so far beyond those difficulties. He noticed that most people, while the are willing to let go of past traumas and limiting beliefs, don’t immediately embrace the enormous potential for success, happiness and fulfillment that is the birthright of you as a human being.

It is as if we get stuck in a kind of purgatory. Not suffering the hellish experiences that has so limited us, but also not experiencing the divine potential of unlimited possibility.

So, he created these TAPFIRMATIONS, to address this shortcoming of perspective on deep emotional healing.

In addition to GP’sothing voice and powerful affirmations, each TAPFirmation makes use of the latest in brain entrainment technology, binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies. It draws on the ancient practice of mantra (sacred repetition) and works even as you are falling. asleep and stop tapping.

In this first volume he covers 6 of the most common unconscious beliefs we carry and addresses them through a series of “I AM” statements:

  • I Am Safe
  • I Am Free
  • I Am Happy
  • I Am Wealthy
  • I Am Peaceful
  • I Am Loved

There are two versions of each, one for while you are a wake and another to going to sleep. The version for sleep gradually fades out allowing the deep affirmative messages to penetrate you subconscious as you are sleeping.

Enjoy these wonderful and liberating affirmations, while using Meridian Tapping to anchor them deep in the nervous system. So deep that they become your new normal.